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Flash drying oven is a special equipment for plate production line, using electric heating, with the unique design of the hot air circulation technology of the grid flash rapid drying after pasting, the plate is not easy to crack, less plate internal moisture loss, It save more cost, compare with traditional electric heating mode, which is the battery manufacturers’ ideal.

This machine has the advantages of reasonable structure, convenient operation, good maintenance and high production efficiency. Working principle: through the high temperature blower and the laying of the upper and lower air channels for both sides of the plate, we should make full use of the hot air internal circulation and have high thermal utilization rate. The crawler conveyor chain grate and speed control are applied to the flash drying of all kinds of pasted grid.

Technical parameter:

1. Transport chain speed12~25m/min   Conveyor chain (material 316L)

2. Productivity (up to 130 Panels / min)

3. The adjustable temperature of the drying oven: Room temperature ~ 180


4. Power supply capacity and related parameters:


    Transmission chain main drive motor reducer (1 PC): N=0.75KW


    Humidifying fan(1 PC): Nu=2.2kW


    Thermal circulation fan(1 PC):   N=11KW

5. Dimension: Length*width*Height=11700×1250×2500mm

6. Equipment content: 1 main FDA, 1 electrical control cabinet and 1 pc Collecting frame.