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Air leakage testing machine


Application:Used for Air leakage testing of motorcycle batteriesor small UPS batteries.

Operation: Thebatteries will be located accuratelyby the photoelectric sensor. The test nozzle will descend automaticallyand blow air into the battery to test leakage. If not qualified, the machinewill send out alarm signal and push the unqualified battery tothe rejection table. If qualified, thebatteries will be delivered automatically to the next working process.

Feature: accurateand rapid, the movement is controlled by the PLC. Safe and reliable, it adoptsSMC pressure sensor, with high resolution. The testing time and pressuredifference can be adjusted.   

Production Capacity: 1.5~2pcsbatteries / min

Testing Pressure: 0-100kpa

Testing Time: 0-99s,adjustable

Electric Power: AC380V,50Hz, 2KW

Compressed Air: 0.1m3 /min,0.6Mpa

Dimension (L*W*H): 1500*1100*1800mm


Main Configuration: A3 steelframe, Mitsubishi/Delta PLC/HMI, SMC pressure sensor / pressure regulating valve, AirTACpneumatic component, Schneider, CHINT and other well-known domestic and foreignbrands of low-voltage electrical appliances, etc.