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4BS (Tetrabasic Lead Sulfate)


The advantages of 4BS:

(1) Reduce lead usage The increase in porosity of lead paste and the initial performance improvement of 3% can be converted into a decrease in the amount of lead used in batteries.

(2) Extended cycle life by more than 20%

Strong active substance structure, extending battery life. At the same time, it has reduced the cost of battery usage and market return rate, establishing a good image for the enterprise.

(3) Shorten curing time by more than 30%

Shortened battery production cycle and enhanced product delivery capability.

(4) The number of curing chambers can be reduced

It saves equipment investment.

(5) Reduce consumption of water, electricity, steam, etc

Energy conservation is in line with the national policy direction of low-carbon and environmental protection.

(6) Reduce labor costs

(7) The material cost has slightly increased but the performance has significantly improved.