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Paste and grid separating machine


Composition of machine

The Paste and Grid Separating Machine is a special device for waste plate recycling in the production process of the lead acid battery plate manufacturing enterprises.The machine belongs to the national science and technology projects, it has 7 practical new patents and 1 invention patents.The usingof the equipment can bring huge economic benefits to the enterprise, it is a shortcut to reduce the cost of products.

Machine working flow chart

The machine consists of 6 parts with Paste and grid separation system, paste grinding system, dust recycling system,   grid discharging system, lead powder automatic weighing device and electrical control system.

Machine working principle

The Waste plate is fed into the separator by conveying belt ,through the rolling of the upper - lower shaft roller and   the vibration of vibrating screen, the paste and grid be separated completely.The grids are sent to the waste material collecting bag by the plate grid discharging machine after the grids are come out from the material discharging port.The Paste directly into the crusher hopper through the discharge,the centrifugal force of grinder makes them impact each other and become the powder which could through the sieve mesh clearance,then transfer the powder to the dust collection system and the lead powder will be automatically weighed after entering the collection container.

Technical parameters

Outline size:3200(L)*1700(W)*2600(H)

Total power:10.2KW

Work efficiency:80-130kg/h (powder output)

Lead powder fineness:60-80 (mesh)