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Technical parameters:

1. Basic performance requirements of punching line.

1.1 The Punching line is composed of unwinder, Unwinder buffer, feeder,Punching press,Punching mould, winder, Lead scrap recycling device and automatic control system.

1.2 The main punching line process is as follows:

1.3 Production speed is not less than 200 punching shot / min (production speed is about 30m / min).

1.4 The Punching line control system adopts German Siemens PLC controller and touch screen.

1.5 Installation air pressure 0.5~0.7Mpa; three-phase AC380V± 20V50Hz power supply.

2. Equipment configuration and requirements

2.1 Unwinder: it is responsible for feeding the lead strip into the feeder. Double head rotary design, when one head is in use in the process ,the other head is responsible for the loading and unloading the strip, to ensure continuous production; Vertical unwinder(reel horizontal), unwinder fixed. The unwinder has its own winding trolley, which can be moved back and forth. After loading the strip by forklift, the unwinding trolley will send the lead strip into the reel.

2.2 Traction: responsible for sending the Lead strip to the mold for punching, reducing the feeding inertia and accurately ensuring the feeding distance.

2.3 High-speed Punch press: adopt 200T punch press, using double clutch design, with beam lifting mechanism, ensure the bottom size of the workbench slide to meet the requirements of the punching products, the safety protection interlocking device should be set before the work table.

High speed punch mould: make the mold according to the size of the grid, and it is responsible for punching the Lead strip into punched grid.

2.4 It adopts distributed design, punch head is designed as separate and removable, According to requirements, two auxiliary molds can be configured by concave-convex mold and chamfering mold. Among them, the concave and convex mold deforms the finished grid to increase the total thickness so as to increase the amount of pasting. The chamfering mold deforms the rectangular ribs into an 8-sided shape, which is conducive to the combination degree of lead paste and grid. The mold speed is not less than 200 shots/min, and the mold life is not less than 50 million times.

2.5 Feeder: responsible for delivering lead strip into punching mold, accurately ensure the feeding distance; control system adopts complete Siemens system.

2.6 Winder: winding the punchined grid; the winder is equipped with a removable mounting seat. Coil core can be disassembled and replaced.

2.7 Control system: Realize the continuous punching conducted by system operation, to achieve automation.