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Single station COS machine


1. Main Technical Parameter:

1.1 Welding Speed: 30~50 sec/cycle (for 12V7Ah, it can reach up to 1000pcs/shift)

1.2 Power Supply: three-phase five-wire, AC 380V, 50HZ, 36KW (Max.)

1.3 Air Supply: compressed air 0.6MPa

1.4 Unit Air Consumption: 1m³/min

1.5 Unit Water Consumption: 1.5~3.5L/min

1.6 Overall Dimension of the Main Machine: L*W*H= 1600*1500*2480mm

1.7 Net Weight: about 1.4 ton

1.8 Applicable Battery Range: batteries smaller than 12V60Ah

2. The advantages compared with other similar product

2.1 The equipment is more widely applicable. It is just required to change the mold and small components, then it can realize change of different battery model.

2.2 More environmentally friendly. It adopts two suction openings (up and down), the suction effect is much better.

2.3 The performance is more stable. The lead furnace volume is widened, during the production, the lead liquid temperature is more stable, with better cast and welding effect.