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Wide strip casting line


Main technical parameters

1.Wide Lead strip production line, is composed of Lead furnace,Lead transmission system, Forming machine, Calender, Slitter, Winding machine, Waste delivery system, Electric control system.

2.Lead strip production line shall be easy to operate, safe and reliable, and the equipment shall meet the requirements of 24-hour continuous automatic mass production. Each equipment can be controlled separately and linked together.

3.Lead strip production line shall be capable of production using lead tin or low calcium (less than 0.1%) .            

4. The finished Lead strip is of 0.5-1.1mm thickness, and the maximum production speed is not less than 45m / minFor Automotive battery).

5. Installation: air pressure 0.5~0.7Mpa; Three-phase AC380V± 20V, 50Hz

6. Lead strip production line adopts 4 furnace mode, two furnace for positive, two furnace for negative (The lead dispensing is separated from the return material, conducive to alloy preparation), lead furnace can use natural gas heating (average gas consumption 40m³ / hour / furnace), electric heating (lead furnace power 300kw, insulation furnace power 225kw), with automatic weighing system and level control system, and sound and optical alarm function.