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Air leakage testing+Pneumatic coding machine


1. This equipment is with 2 air leakage testing station and 1 pneumatic coding station,

it can detect effect of heat sealing closure of the container.

2. The equipment detection method is the increased the rated pressure detection method,

through the leakproofness of single cell to determine heat sealing effect;

3. The pressure testing of the equipment can be adjusted according to the quality requirements of the product pressure;

4. This equipment is equipped with a failure alarm function and rejection exit function.

5. It adopts imported Japan air leakage detection instrument.

6. Production capacity: 2.5 pcs batteries per miniute;

7. Energy consumption: compressed air 5-6kg/cm2; Total power: 0.4kw;

8. Standard power supply: 380V three phases four wires, 50Hz(or in accordance with customer requirements);

10. Machine size and weight:

L:2950mm; W: 1020mm; h: 2050mm; Weight: 1000KG