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Four station COS machine


Equipment Performance:

The equipment is used for lead-acid battery plate group and terminal casting, used for tubular battery with 1*6 cell structure battery container, and 1*6 and 2*3 Automotive battery.

Operation Process:

l. The first station is to load plate groups.Manual loading/ Automatic loading)

2.The second station is to cut and brush the lugs and dip the soldering flux.(Automatic)

3.The third station is for automatic casting & welding. (Automatic)

4.The fourth station is for unloading the plate groups into the container. (Manual unloading/Automatic unloading )


l. Production capacity: 500 batteries/8hours(2nd,3rd station automatic operation) or 1000 batteries/8hours(1st,2nd,3rd ,4th station automatic operation)

2.Power supply: 380V, 3 phase, 50Hz or as required. Total power: 47.2KW

3.Electrical configuration: PLC for Mitsubishi, SMC pneumatic accessories

4.Compressed air: 5-6Kg/cm2

5.Water: soft water 8 liters/min, 25° water pressure >0.2MPa, can be recycled

6.Lead pot:1000Kg, easy to load

7.Size: length 3500*width 3500*height 2000

8.Weight: 2500Kg