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Plate parting and brushing machine



Automatic plate cutting machine is a special production equipment for lead acid battery plate production of brush lug and automatic cutting plate.It has the characteristics of high production efficiency and simple operation.Splitting of double panel is applicable.At the same time, fully consider environmental protection design, fully sealed structure design, no dust landing; side ventilation to avoid dust rise.With the counting and lamination output function, each lamination is consistent (the number can be adjusted), convenient for plate collection.It is the ideal equipment for lead-acid battery brush lug and cutting plate production

2.Main technical parameter

2.1Main machine

Motor power:N=2.2KW

Reduction ratio: 1:30

2.2Plate feeding motor:N=0.2KW, Plate collecting motrN=0.2KW.

2.3Plate cutting motor0.55KW

2.4Air pump:2.2KW

2.5Total power8.13KW

2.6Working efficiency80-100Panles/Min.(Working speed adjustable)

2.7Overall dimension(L) X(W) X(H)=3800X1600X1300

2.8WeightAround 2500KG


3.structure and working principle

3.11 Whole machine, see the attached Figure#1

3.2Working principle: Plate panel feeding - plate suction - Anti-double together protection - Lug brushing - lug cutting(Automatic collection of waste) - Plate cutting - The stack counts the output - Step-in stacking output