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1. Suitable Scope

The paste mixer is fit for the mixing procedure of lead-acid accumulator production. It can carry out automatically all the functions including the lead powder feeding, lead powder weighing, acid and water weighing, quick paste mixing and lead paste storage. The whole line has been controlled by PLC program, realizing line process and automatic production.

2. Range of Supply

   Main Mixing Machine ----------------------------------- 1 Set

   Lead Paste Storage Hopper ------------------------------- 1 Set

   Lead Oxide Weighing Hopper -------------------------- 1 Set

   Acid and Water Weighing Tank --------------------------- 2 Sets

Electrical Control System --------------------------------- 1 Set

3. Main Technical Parameters

3.1 Main Mixing Machine

3.1.1 Weight: 4200Kg      Quantity: 1 Set

3.1.2 Maximum lead powder mixing: 1000Kg/time

        Paste production: 2500Kg/h

3.1.3 Power consumption: 45Kw

3.1.4 Cooling water consumption: 2~3.5T/h

3.2 Lead Paste Storage Hopper

3.2.1 Weight: 1500Kg      Quantity: 1 Set

3.2.2 Effective volume: 300L

   3.2.3 Paste storage amount: 1.4~1.6T

   3.2.4 Rotational speed: 8r/m

3.2.5 Power consumption: 7.5Kw

3.3 Lead Oxide Weighing Hopper

    3.3.1 Weight: 900Kg       Quantity: 1 Set

3.3.2 Maximum lead powder weighing: 1000Kg/time

3.3.3 Weighing precision: ±0.2%;    Repeat accuracy: ±0.5kg

3.3.4 Power consumption: 0.75Kw

3.4 Acid and Water Weighing Tank

    3.4.1 Weight: 45Kg       Quantity: 2 Sets

    3.4.2 Maximum Volume: 150L

3.4.3 Weighing precision: ±0.2%;    Repeat accuracy: ±0.5kg

3.5 Electrical Control System

    3.5.1 Weight: 120Kg    Quantity: 1 Set

   3.5.2 The whole line has been controlled by PLC program, realizing line process and automatic production. The operator can convert between “automatic” and “manual”.

4. Main Features

4.1 The parts such as internal liner of main machine, scraper and the parts touched with acid water and acid mist adopt the corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The bucket and the coat of basic shaft of mixing is combined as a whole so that it can avoid the penetration of acid, water and lead paste and the corrosion towards bearings transmission main shaft and speed reducer.

4.2 The whole system has been controlled by PLC program as per the actual situation of users realizing line process and automatic production.

4.3 Control panel: control of the whole process of lead powder, acid, water weighing, the temperature and time of plaster mixing

4.4 The lead powder, acid and water weighing use the advanced tension sensor for control and demonstration. and the weighing precision can reach ±0.2

4.5 The main machine run steadily and reliably, the distance between the scraper and inwall is controlled within 2mm with the feature of avoiding the remains of rest paste.

4.6 The wall of main machine, with water cooling system, can effectively control the temperature of lead paste mixing and ensure the quality of lead paste.

4.7 The program control can preset 60 sets of programs for plaster mixing formulations. The contents contain weight of lead powder, acid and water, mixing time of lead plaster.