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Changxing Jiguang New Energy Technology Co,.Ltd., is a professional company specializing in battery technology support, battery equipment and accessories manufacturing. It is located in CHANGXING, ZHEJIANG, the largest base of power batteries in China. 'With the aim to inherit, integrate and innovate battery science and technology, Jiguang Tech has been deeply engaged in the battery industry for many years, it is attracting a number of battery experts to join the team to provide better technical services and products for customers at home and abroad...

E-Bike battery technology support
With the change of lifestyle, the Lead acid battery type E-bike is greatly used for the short-trip transportation, with its advantage of economical, convenient and environmentally friendly, which promote the E-bike battery being in great demands.
VRLA battery technology support
As a good power storage method, VRLA UPS battery is playing an important role in modern human production and life.
Automotive battery technology support
The development of Automobile industry has a history of hundreds of years, which has been updated constantly, as the most mature battery, Lead acid SLI battery are widely manufactured and developed to provide better performance for the car.
Tubular battery technology support
The Tubular battery has widely applicated in different areas, such as Power system, Telecommunication system, Railway system, Uninterruptible power supply system,Emergency lighting system, Solar system, Wind power generation system.
Featured products
As the chief engineer of the Dynavolt battery and Starlit battery in India and the senior consultant of the Robot, Walton and Navana battery in Bangladesh, and Azar battery in Iran. Now he is our chief engineer in India.

Secretary General of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association—Lead acid Battery branch. Responsible for the centralized management and revision of standards of Lead acid battery industry of China
Deputy Director of QC Department in Chilwee Group. Graduated from zhejiang university, majoring in electrochemistry, master's degree. He has more than 20 battery technology patents, and has published nearly 10 professional articles in battery magazine.
Chief Engineer of Leoch International; Graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology

Previous Chief Engineer of Chilwee, 28 years of experience in Lead acid battery research and delvelopment, specializing in the structure of Lead acid battery design, formula and manufacturing process. In depth research on high-temperature resistant UPS, energy storage, power batteries and starting batteries.

A senior engineer who has worked more than 20 years in battery field, has the working experience in some well-known enterprises such as Tianneng, Chilwee, Jingjiu. An expert in battery manufacture equipment, technology optimization.
Member of Canadian Academy of Engineering, professor of University of Science and Technology Beijing, selected candidate of "Thousand Talents Plan" of Organization Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China,Honorary President of Sichuan Graphene Industry Technology Research Institute, specializing in green technology and nanotechnology technology.

Doctor. Mohamed Elgritly More than 40 years experience in battery technology and manufacturing, professional in Automotive battery, supporting many battery companies in Africa and Middle East