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IGBT Battery charger and discharger


Technical Parameters  


Max. Output voltage: 360V

Max. charging current: 50A

Max. dischargingcurrent: 50A

Circuit: 12

Control mode: IGBT

Input Power supply: 3Φ380VAC(-5%;+10%)50HZ

Voltage control precision:≤±0.5%F.S(F.S=360V)

Current controlprecision:   ≤±0.5%F.S(F.S=50A)

Time controlprecision:10S/24H

Voltage control scope: 10%~100%F.S(F.S=360V)

Current control scope: 1%~100%F.S(F.S=50A)

Charging current:0~50A

Discharging current: 0~50A

Dischargecapacity recovery efficiency: ≥95

Equipment chargeefficiency: ≥95%

DC outputripple : ≤5DC (batteryloaded with 100% current)

Power factor:≥95%(Morethan 50% load)

Outputharmonic content ≤5

Power factorcompensation: builtin, No additional reactive power compensation is required

Harmonic wavetreatment:built-in, without additional treatment

Utilization rate of power supply transformer: 90%

Power savingbenefit: 5%~8% (Comparing with SCR control type)