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Short circuit testing+Intercell welding+IR testing machine


Intercell welder with Short circuit tesing and IR testing

1. It is applicable for tubular battery and automotive battery

2. This equipment is composed of 2 intercell welding station, 1 short circuit testing station and 1 IR testing station.

3. The intercell welding adopt the lever principle with small force,in hydraulic

clamping or pneumatic clamping mode;

4.The controller of this equipment adopts imported MIYACHI control system,

stable and reliable .

5. Production speed: around 30 seconds/battery;

6. Energy consumption:compressed air: 5~6Kg/cm2 ; Total Power: 30KW;

7. Standard power supply: 380V three-phase four-wires, 50Hz (or in accordance with

the customer requirement)

8. Equipment size and weight :

L:3647mm; W:1465mm; H:1909mm; Weight about 3000Kg;